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About Mission AI

Bahadur Chand Munjal Charitable Trust was established in 1970 by the great entrepreneurs and philanthropist Munjal’s of the Hero group, with the objective to provide liberal, scientific, and technical education.

The foundation, realizing that this century needs critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, has taken a mission to provide AI Education with hands-on experience to  One Lakh students through AI Bootcamps.

In the AI Bootcamps students of grades 3-9 will first learn the basics of programming, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. After basic training students will compete in the competition where they will make a project to win educational AI and robotics kits. The AI Bootcamp will be organized virtually and students can participate in it without any prior experience of coding or AI.

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AI Bootcamps - Learn & Win

Learn the basics of programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning with hands-on activities. And compete in the competition by making a project to win educational AI & robotics kits.

Computer Vision

Identify celebrities, logos & objects from images

Face Detection

Detect faces and its size, location and emotion

Text Recognition

Detect and read text from images

Speech Recognition

Identify text from speech to make your own Alexa

Machine Learning

Learn ML basics to make mask detector

Game Development

Basics of programming & game development

AI Bootcamp Competition Themes

Use your new-found AI and coding expertise to heal the world!

Beat the Pandemic with AI

Become the hero the world needs to overcome the pandemic and bring in your AI solutions to save the world.

Think Automation

Bring out your inner James Bond by automating your surroundings. This is your place to make routine tasks go auto-pilot.

AI and Coding for the Win

Put on your thinking caps to explore and experiment with AI and coding to bring out something new and innovative.

Entangling Transport Systems

Let your imagination loose and come up with the most innovative solutions to our endless transportation woes.

The 2020 Space Odyssey

Become the frontrunner of space exploration and unravel the mysteries of the universe. Your small step is our giant leap.

Grand Prizes for the Winners

10 prizes for the top performers!

Mars Rover Kit + Quarky Ultimate Kit

One Winner
Rover Kit

Quarky Ultimate Kit

Two 1st-Runner Ups

Quarky Innovator Kit

Two 2nd-Runner Ups

Quarky Explorer Kit

Five Consolation Prizes
All the winners will also receive a certificate.

What Can You Make?

Choose one, choose all, and let your creativity run wild. But remember, you can only submit one project.
Become a storyteller and send a message to the world. Showcase issues the world is currently facing through characters and events in your animated story.
Create a masterpiece of a game by building worlds, its characters and events in the game. Design master-levels which instil self-confidence and self-esteem.
Create software-based projects in PictoBlox using artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can be as creative as possible with these projects.

Why Should You Participate?

Looking at the way the world is progressing towards a technology-driven future, knowing AI and coding is extremely important. At the same time, it gives participants spaces to explore their passions and values and consider how these can contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

By participating in this online AI and coding competition for kids, you will:

  • Learn AI and coding the fun way with PictoBlox by offering a first-hand experience.
  • Develop cognitive abilities and learn a methodical problem-solving process.
  • Sensitize towards the world problems and encourage them to solve them.

How to Participate?

Registration for AI Bootcamp
Develop skills with live sessions
Submit your innovations
Find out who the champions!

Guidelines for AI Bootcamps!

Use PictoBlox

Individual Participation

Past Winners of AI Bootcamp


The New Education Policy (NEP) has acknowledged, in no uncertain terms, the importance of artificial intelligence and coding education in today’s time. To align India’s curriculum to the 21st century and to prepare the students for the AI economy, the policy lays profound emphasis on the need to impart the necessary technical knowledge at all levels of education.

Center for Digital Technology has taken a mission to provide AI Education with hands-on experience to  One Lakh students through AI Bootcamps.

During the AI Bootcamps students will first learn the basics of programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Once they have learned the basics they will compete in the competition where they will make a project and win educational AI and robotics kits.

Below is what the winners will get:

  • Winner (1 in each AI Bootcamp):
  1. Mars Rover Kit
  2. Quarky Ultimate Kit
  3. Certificate
  • 1st Runner-Up (2 in each AI Bootcamp):
  1. Quarky Ultimate Kit
  2. Certificate
  • 2nd Runner-Up (2 in each AI Bootcamp):
  1. Quarky Innovator Kit
  2. Certificate
  • Consolation Prizes (5 in each age group):
  1. Quarky Explorer Kit
  2. Certificate

Students of Age 7-14 can participate in the AI Bootcamp.

No. You will have to participate as an individual.

The only prerequisites to enter this online AI Bootcamp are a PC (Windows, MacOS, or Linux), an android smartphone or tab, good internet connectivity, and a desire to learn. 🙂

Our treasury of live sessions will help you understand the concepts and develop the necessary coding skills. 

It is mandatory to submit the following things to participate in this online AI & coding competition. Each of them carry marks which will be used to crown the winner:

  • Project Description

You have to write a 50-100 word description of your project explaining what it is about, what theme you’ve selected and why, and you made it.

  • Project File

You have to make a project in PictoBlox and submit it on the portal. Your project can be anything – a story, a game, a quiz, or a hardware project. It is the idea and the innovativeness that count!

  • Project Video

You also have to make a video introducing yourself and explaining your project and then share its YouTube link with us.

You can submit only one project per entry. You can edit, update, or change your project as many times as you want before the deadline.

You can also choose more than one project category to make your project.

Before anything else, your project should adhere to the contest guidelines given below:

  1. Your project should revolve around the central theme – making the world a better place with AI.
  2. Your project should be made in PictoBlox.

Failing to adhere to them will result in disqualification.

Next, you will be given marks out of 50. The breakdown for everything that you have to submit is as follows:

  • Project Description [5 marks]
  • Project File [25 marks]

The score breakdown is as follows:

  1. Concept: 10 marks
  2. Working: 10 marks
  3. Aesthetics: 5 marks
  • Project Video [20 marks]

The score breakdown is as follows:

  1. Introduction: 5 marks
  2. Project explanation: 10 marks
  3. Presentation skills: 5 marks

It’s absolutely free for everyone!

PictoBlox is an interactive AI education and coding platform. It provides a fulfilling project-based learning experience through its artificial intelligence and machine learning tools integrated into a graphical programming interface. With a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, it is the ideal companion for setting the first step into the world of AI and coding. One can learn to code, make interactive animations and games, interesting projects based on AI, program actions for robots, and much more! You can learn more about it HERE.

You can download PictoBlox from HERE.

PictoBlox is based on the latest version of Scratch. Therefore, the basic functionality is the same; however, it also has artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and hardware interaction capabilities integrated into its graphical coding interface. You can easily work with development boards like evive, the Arduino Uno, Mega, Nano, and ESP32, control your projects with hardware in real-time, upload code to your robots, and do a lot of other things!

You can read all about our privacy policy HERE.